Our Refrigeration Valves & Accessories are 100% American Made

Since Cyrus Shank Refrigeration Valves & Accessories are 100% American Made you can rest assured and know that you are getting a top quality product that exceeds your expectations. We have put a lot of time and effort into testing our products to provide our customers with relief you can count on!

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  • New Quick Release Valves!

    NEW! 800QR quick release, 800QRW weldable quick release, and 803QC quick connect relief valves

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  • New Pressure Range!

    NEW! Pressure range of the 800 and 803 valve has been extended down to 50 psi.

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  • New Replacement in Kind Valves!

    NEW! Replacement in Kind valves: 801 DHC, CS5602A, CS5602B, 804R, 805R, and 850R

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Fast, Efficient & Cost Effective Relief Valve Solutions

Cyrus Shank offers Custom Set Pressures at no extra cost. Our great customer service coupled with excellent delivery means you are truly getting a superior product from the leader in the industry. If you need valves tomorrow, call us today. Same day shipment is our specialty.

Why Choose Cyrus Shank?

Considered to be the Gold Standard in the industry, all of our products are tested individually to extreme pressures. Providing the highest quality Refrigeration Valves & Accessories since 1912. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products on time while being a true partner with our customers.

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