843 Manifold




Part # 843
Trimmings Stainless steel stem, hand wheel 
Body  MaterialDuctile Iron Casting, painted 
Max Pressure400
Temp. Ratings-20°F (-29°C) to +300°F (+149°C) 
UseAmmonia, refrigerants, industrial fluids not deleterious to cast iron or steel. 
LocationManifolds used with atmospheric relief valves may be installed on sys-tems w/temps to –150°F (-101°C) if ambient tempera-tures are normally above 32°F (0°C) 


Catalog Number 843
Pipe Size ½” 
Port Sizes ½” x ½” x ½” 
Weight, lbs. 3 ¾ 
Cv Values (both Ports) 3.6
Face to Face on Outlet Ports 3 ½” 
B: Center to Bottom 1 ½” 
C: Center to Top of Wheel (Open) or Seal Cap 5 ½” 
D: Center to Face of Inlet Port 1 ¾” 
W: Diameter of Wheel 3 1/6” 

Manifold shut-off valves are designed for use in dual relief valve installations. This valve operates with the intake and one outlet port open at all times.

  • Valve bodies are compact in design.
  • Stem is made of stainless steel.
  • Valve ports are full sized and marked for ease of installation.
  • Packing and gasket are made of Teflon.
  • Each valve comes with instructions for use attached. DO NOT DISCARD.

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Manifold Material Type

Ductile Iron

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