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Shut-off valves are available in a globe design to work with pipe sizes from ¼” up to 1 ¼” and in an angle design to work with pipe sizes from ¼” up to 1”. They come with zinc-plated carbon steel (-CS) or stainless steel (-SS) stems. The valve body materials are ductile iron or C.I. 40 and are pressure-tested for leakage after assembly.

Globe Shut-off Valve Specifications
Catalog Number 211
Pipe Size 1 ¼”
Weight, lbs 11.25
B – Face to Face 5 ½”
D – Center to Top of Wheel (open) 8 1/8”
E – Center to Bottom Face  1 5/8”

Additional Information

  • Valve ports are full size, insuring maximum flow.
  • This is a two-piece design: the convex base fits into the shutoff disc and permits swivel action which maintains perfect alignment at all times.
  • The shut-off disc is held in place on the stem by a spring ring, allowing free swivel action.
  • The packing ring chamber is of special design: It is machined so that sealing is necessary only around the stem proper.
  • The composition packing ring is impregnated with graphite for ease of operation and will not deteriorate in service.
  • These valves are back seating.

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Carbon Steel Stems, Stainless Steel Stems

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