Hand Valve – 302




Gauge set assembly is of all steel construction and all parts are zinc plated. Gauge valves have safety ball seats which automatically shut off liquid in case of glass breakage. Valve stems are packed with composition packing rings, providing a leak-proof, long life seal.

Gauge Set - 302
Catalog Number 302
Pipe Size ½”
Glass Diameter 5/8”
Weight Per Set in lbs 4
A – Center to Face at Inlet End 1 15/16”
B – Center to Inside Bottom of Upper Glass Well 7/8”
B – Center to Inside Bottom of Lower Glass Well 1 1/4”
C – Center to Top of Wheel (open) 3 7/8”
D – Center to Top of Glass Packing Nut 2 1/16”

Gauge Sets Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Locate flange with “T” for TOP (this side has a deeper well).

Step 2: Assemble glass into “T” side with nut and neoprene seal in place on glass for both ends.

Step 3: Push glass up into deep well, swing glass over insert in flange marked “B”, then slide into flange “B” well.

Step 4: Slide nut and seal along the glass and screw into position on flanges.

Step 5: Check for leaks.

Gauge Sets Ordering Information

When you order a gauge set, you will receive 2 gauge valves, 1 piece of glass, and 4 rods. For example, a 301 gauge set would in-clude the 2 gauges, 1 piece of 12” glass, and 4 rods. The set can be purchase without the glass and rods (-WO), or with any length of glass you require.

To custom order a glass length other than the standard 12” length, order the gauge set you need without glass (e.g., 301 (-WO)) and then specify the glass length and rods you want (SEE NOTE BELOW).

Custom glass and rod prices vary: contact us for a quote. Red line glass is also available.

NOTE: To figure length of glass required, subtract 2 3/8” from the distance of the centers. Order rods lengths 3” longer than the glass required.

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